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One of the cheapest universities in USA

Sk Reddy
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If you are from South Asia and wish to pursue a Bachelor's or Master's degree in the United States, you are certainly aware that tuition fees are generally on the upper side (when compared to other international student destinations).


While this is true, it does not rule out the possibility of finding reasonably priced universities and colleges in the United States. There are some academic institutions that are able to strike the appropriate balance between cost and quality, resulting in excellent value.


Brigham Young University is an option that people from South-Asia can explore. It is a private university located in Provo, Utah. The tuition fee for undergraduate BBA program ranges up to $5460 for international students. They also provide different kinds of scholarship programs. Check this link out for any query related to scholarships. https://enrollment.byu.edu/scholarship-types  


The Admission requirements are also not that difficult to attain. Here, you’ll find the admission requirement. https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/postgraduate/pgt/requirements-pgt/international/index.aspx  


For any other queries you can visit their website. https://www.byu.edu/  

Abdulrahman Ibn Aziz
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Do they offer full-ride scholarships for Indian students?