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Transiting through Dubai from South-Asia amidst COVID-19

Tahmid Muizz
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People travelling from South-Asia, especially from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka through a transit in Dubai often get confused about the procedure, and the health protocols of Dubai Airport, as they undergo frequent changes. For those of you looking to travel in the coming week(s), here's the latest regulatory update:

-As of 2nd February, 2022, all travellers transiting through Dubai from South Asia must show a valid negative COVID19 RTPCR certification with a QR code given within 72 hours of the sample being obtained by a recognized health service provider.

-Any other test certificates, including NHS COVID‑19 test certificates, antibody tests, and home/remedial self‑test kits are not accepted for travel.

Source: https://www.emirates.com/english/help/covid-19/dubai-travel-requirements/tourists/ I hope you all have a safe, hassle-free flight!

SK Swamith
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Very informative post. This will surely help a lot of people. But I had a small query, could you tell me if non-vaccinated people can transit through Dubai if yes then what are the rules for it? 

Rishabh Verma
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@swami_g Yes, they can, provided they have a negative COVID-19 RTPCR certification (test should be taken no more than 72 hours beforehand).