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Studying at a Singaporean University

Rohan Yadav
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Among the most favored places of international students worldwide, studying abroad in Singapore is probably one of your study destination goals, too! Here’s a quick yet detailed guide to the country, what to expect and what not to expect – as well as the top universities and how they stack up against the top institutions in the world.


There are 34 universities in Singapore, of which six are national. The two best-known, the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) both feature very highly in the QS World University Rankings® 2021, offering courses in a wide range of subjects to their student populations of over 30,000 each. 


While applying to study in a University in Singapore you need to follow 6 steps:

  • Choose your programme
  • Review the application and visa requirement 
  • Receive an offer 
  • Apply for student visa
  • Fly to Singapore



The Basic requirements of the universities in Singapore are Language requirements and Visa requirement 


For the Language it is necessary to have a high standardized knowledge regarding English. Universities in Singapore value English Language highly.


Next comes the Visa requirements. The requirements are:


To study in Singapore, students will need a Student’s Pass. Some students will need a visa to enter the country along with a Student’s Pass. Once you are accepted into your university of choice, your student visa will be applied for by the university itself.

However, you must apply for a Student Pass to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) through the https://solar.ica.gov.sg/solar/index.xhtm l">Student’s Pass Online Application & Registration System (SOLAR), between one to two months before the start of your course. You would access SOLAR using details provided by your university after acceptance and submit:

  • e-Form 16
  • Passport details
  • Your university’s address
  • Your email address
  • A passport-sized photo

Following your arrival in Singapore, you would be required to visit the ICA for the collection of your Student Pass, inclusive of a fee of S$60.

For Tuition fees and other details please check out this link. 


Hope it was helpful. 


Source: https://www.easyuni.com/singapore/#applying