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Information on where and how to obtain a COVID-19 test in South Africa

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Locations: Hospitals will generally only conduct COVID-19 tests for incoming patients in possession of a doctor’s letter. The U.S. Embassy does not recommend any specific testing facilities. Still, it is aware of several providers, including Ampath Laboratories, NextPathology Biosciences, Lancet Laboratories, Dis-Chem Pharmacy, PathCare, Epicenter, Biosmart Laboratories, Travel Doctor, and some urgent care/day clinics like Intercare. Several testing sites offer a drive-through option, while others have private appointments. Please check with testing centres for more information.

Payment: Public sector testing is free of charge; however, this option is not available for testing for travel purposes only. U.S. citizens must pay for their COVID-19 test; the South African government does not cover it. Verify payment options with the testing facility. Please inquire with the respective laboratory to verify their testing costs and requirements. It is advisable to check with your health insurance to ascertain if they will cover the costs for the test.

Cost: Average cost for a COVID-19 PCR test is $50-60 USD (R850.00). Some private testing enterprises may charge up to $80-100 USD.