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How To Find Apartments For Rent In Nairobi, Kenya

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Finding a suitable apartment in Nairobi can be incredibly challenging when you’re moving here. And stressful. You probably have a lot of questions that haven’t been answered, like:

  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
  • Should I find somewhere before I arrive?
  • How do I avoid rental scams?
  • Why are apartments in Nairobi so bloody expensive?

Before you arrive, book an Airbnb for 2-4 weeks in the area you want to live in.

As the rental agreements can be flexible, you can always cut your contract short once you move here or extend it if needed (always consult the host before, of course, and check their ratings/reviews online to make sure they are friendly and hospitable). Airbnb per night is about $15 a night, but you could also try to negotiate if it’s a long term contract.

Additional Tips make sure you consider;

Viewing Apartment

Try going on weekends to check out the occupancy and the neighbours. During the week, you can’t feel how inhabited the property is, as the landlord might say everyone is at work. You don’t want to stay in an empty apartment block as it can be a significant security risk. If the block is complete, then that is great as it’s probably well maintained, and people enjoy living there.

Signing A Lease Agreement

Even if your landlord doesn’t have one, wait and create one yourself (plenty of templates you can get from the internet and edit with the details relevant to you/the price/tenancy date, etc.) Make sure you and your landlord sign it. If they get sketchy about signing anything – that’s a massive red flag so maybe look for somewhere else.

Landlord’s Responsibilities

Accidents happen. If you break something, own up and pay for it. But if you come home to a broken pipe, tell your landlord ASAP as it’s in their interest to protect their property and you. Document everything and all communication if you need to draw on this later to claim compensation or further damages. Landlords in Nairobi are lovely and are excited to welcome new arrivals in Nairobi. However, they can be notoriously slow like any major city, so make sure you document all of your discussions and keep nagging at them in a friendly but firm manner.