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Cheapest rentals in Canada ( Saint-Georges, Quebec)

Dev Kumar
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Rents in Canada are sky-high and often unaffordable. This is especially applicable for the people of South-Asia who are applying for immigration, seeing as they already have a lot of expenses to cover. In these desperate times, people look for the cheapest alternatives.
For people looking for the cheapest housing alternative, Saint-Georges in Quebec should be the ideal place. Rents here could start from as low as $350-$450 (per month) for apartments. 

For renting out apartments or spacious houses, please follow this link. https://qdb.ca/listings/apartments-and-condos-for-rent-287/st-georges-de-beauce-150/?sort=price_low  

You’ll find the price, contact information of the tenor, and the condition of the property, along with other information related to renting a house in the website.