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Desi Migrants is an online community that aims to bring together all Indian expats living across the globe. We invite all Indian nationals, whether living in India or overseas, to join the forum and interact with each other with a helpful & constructive ideology. The central idea of this forum is to build a Global Indian community that remains connected to the Country and its roots, celebrates festivals and national events together, helps address any queries that facilitates migration and relocation of fellow citizens from one country to another, be it a student moving overseas for higher studies or someone relocating to another country for a new job or business opportunity or even travelling as tourists.     

In line with the Sanskrit phrase “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, we truly believe that the World is one family. We welcome all nationals to visit our forum and benefit from the content and information provided herein. We also welcome everyone to register and contribute to the forum, ask questions and provide answers in your field of expertise and help members and visitors to the forum. 

There are no restrictions on the questions or topics that you want to start and any healthy discussion is welcome. But please do read and always comply with our “Terms and Conditions” for using this platform in order to keep it safe and available for our members.